Be safe on the net – Some useful sites for parents

With the Easter holidays coming up, your children will be spending more time online.

Help to keep them safe by visiting these useful links.

Social Networking –

‘How To’ Guides for Parental Controls on a variety of devices, provided by Vodafone (You do not need to be a customer)

Want to change your WIFI password to control access to the internet?

Powerful Passwords

This week Years 4 to 6 have been learning about powerful passwords.

They chose 4 parts – a number, a pet or character’s name,  a special character and their favourite food. They then rearranged them to make a password.


They also learned passwords are like underwear!
Don’t share with your friends, the longer the better, don’t leave them laying around, and change them often!


BEBRAS results are in!



All the children in Prep had the opportunity to take part in
an international Computational Thinking competition.
They all did really well, and the top scorers in each category are as follows:

Year 3 (Kits)

Beth C, Else N, Jemima W, Theo H, Ellis S with scores of 74

Year 4 (Castors)

Jack H, Nathan S, Amelia J, Carolina S, Sophie B, Nidhi S with scores of 87

Year 5 (Castors)

Peighton H, Joshua S, Shreya V with scores of 108
Elizabeth T, Jess S with scores of 93

Year 6 (Juniors)

Alessandro V with a score of 123
Helena G with a score of 99
Samuel J with a score of 86

Certificates will be presented to all children as soon as they are available. Well done everyone!