We have been using Scratch in computer club!

IMG_0181This programming uses coloured blocks depending on what you make your character do.

IMG_0179You can even make your own blocks and variables!


This website has a wide range of ready-made characters, backgrounds and programs, but there is always the option to make your own.

One game we made – Click Here

Happy programming!


Science Day 2014


Years 2, 5 and 6 took part in a Makey Makey workshop for Science Day.

IMG_0199  IMG_0179

We discussed which items they thought would conduct electricity, and then tested them with an online bongo and a Makey Makey kit. There were a few surprising conductors, including salami and apples!

We played test tube pianos, foil mat Tetris, apple pianos, human controllers and even designed our own controllers.

A fab day which was enjoyed by all!

Digital Leaders

digital leader badge


We are on our way to setting up a Digital Leader Team. This will initially consist of 5 pupils from Years 2 to 6 who can offer their technological skills to improving computing within the Prep School. They will use their skills to test out software/hardware, maintain the iPads, help with the running of Computing Club, and best of all, teaching the teachers what they know!!

The children will be going through an application and interview process, and not all applicants will be successful. When selected, the children will be given access to this blog once a week to update you on what we have been doing!