Month: November 2014

BEBRAS results are in!



All the children in Prep had the opportunity to take part in
an international Computational Thinking competition.
They all did really well, and the top scorers in each category are as follows:

Year 3 (Kits)

Beth C, Else N, Jemima W, Theo H, Ellis S with scores of 74

Year 4 (Castors)

Jack H, Nathan S, Amelia J, Carolina S, Sophie B, Nidhi S with scores of 87

Year 5 (Castors)

Peighton H, Joshua S, Shreya V with scores of 108
Elizabeth T, Jess S with scores of 93

Year 6 (Juniors)

Alessandro V with a score of 123
Helena G with a score of 99
Samuel J with a score of 86

Certificates will be presented to all children as soon as they are available. Well done everyone!