Month: June 2014

E-Safety and Cyberbullying

With the constant access children now have to the internet and social media via smartphones and tablets, we need to be aware of the amount of cyberbullying that takes place, and the dangers our children face while online.

Many children are using social media such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc, and despite there being a minimum age of 13 on most online social media sites, many bypass the security and set up secret accounts that their parents are probably unaware of.

While we can’t stop them doing this, we can teach them how to keep themselves safe online, and protect their privacy. We also need to explain the importance of internet etiquette, and how what you put online could, in fact, affect your future.

Take Paris Brown, for example. Appointed as Youth Commissioner for Kent, it was discovered that she had sent a string of offensive tweets.

Just searching for your name online can produce worrying results – images you didn’t realise were in the public domain for example.

This is why it is so important that children understand the importance of privacy settings, so they can control who can see their accounts and personal information.

Like in the case involving 15-year-old Canadian Amanda Todd, cyberbullying could potentially leave them in a lot of trouble, and affect their future job prospects.


Please keep a close eye on what your children are doing, and who their ‘friends’ are, remember, anyone can take an image from google and be 13 years old.

Science Day 2014


Years 2, 5 and 6 took part in a Makey Makey workshop for Science Day.

IMG_0199  IMG_0179

We discussed which items they thought would conduct electricity, and then tested them with an online bongo and a Makey Makey kit. There were a few surprising conductors, including salami and apples!

We played test tube pianos, foil mat Tetris, apple pianos, human controllers and even designed our own controllers.

A fab day which was enjoyed by all!